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[22 Aug 2004|01:43pm]
[ mood | content ]

not much early this week, worked wednesday and thursday. got my eyebrows waxed wednesday.. nothing exciting. im getting my hair done this wednesday and my nails done next sunday so im happy. im getting acrylic tips, finally. and my hair, just highlighted blonde like always. i like the length as it is now so i'll just get it trimmed.

friday we went to my aunts and i hung out with jonny lisi and hovan at lisi's for a little while, which was a lot of fun.

saturday night i went out to dinner at TGIF's with allie john kev and allies dad. i got this banana/strawberry/pina colada drink which was really good. so after we eat allies dad says "i'll be right back" and gets up and leaves. So like 10 minutes later he's still not back, and we're like okaaay. so me and allie go to the bathroom and there were only two stalls and both of them were taken and there were people waiting and some lady with her baby was there taking forever so we had to stand there for at least 10 more minutes, meanwhile allie's dad text messaged her saying "cya" and then shes like okay? and hes like "call me later" i guess implying he had left.. lol so we thought that him, john and kev left on us as a joke. then allie texted him like, WHAT? and he writes back "on the road" and me and allie are just cracking up.. so we go back to our table and john and kev are sitting there and im like, hes STILL not back? and johns like I KNOW, i thought we lost you two also. so we told them about the text messages and decided to go out to the car. so we're walking across the parking lot towards the car and its not there, so were walking and allie calls her dad and then shes yelling at him and i turn around and see him leaning against TGIF on the phone, and im like look there he is! and he starts cracking up and we all just gave him the finger and were like ommmg i hate you. and he told us that he walked by the window where we were sitting and even right up to the window a bunch of times and none of us noticed. lmao he went out and MOVED THE CAR to the other side of the place and pretended he left. so that was a hilarious night. lmao.

I slept on the couch last night, went to church at 11 and now i'm just chillen until the Jones's come over at like 3.. im hungry ( what else is new) ;D and Robin's bringing oreo dirt cake which is my FAVORITE.. yumm. <33

i love you.....

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[13 Aug 2004|10:43pm]
[ mood | headachey ]


Type your username with your...

nose: butterflykissx

elbow: butte4rfrl7yklix

tongue: butterflykissx

chin: buttdfdlykmikssz

feet: butterflykissx

eyes closed with one finger: butterfkykiddx

back of my hand: bgn8ut6t6erlykoidzsx

palm: bvkuitytrerfglyhlkissxc

mouse: butterflykissx

wrist: nbu7yttyerwrtgflyu6lkoipdssdcvx

lmao wow that was hard

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6 Worst Kissers [11 Aug 2004|10:14am]
[ mood | horny ]

I love this. Read it and take note =) ESPECIALLY NUMBER 5!!!!!

1. Lizard Kissers Lizard kisser's use steady, mechanical tongue thrusting, leaving their victims grossed out and breathless (in a bad way).

2. Ulterior Motive Kissers UMK's are easy identifiable by their roaming hands, which start groping the second their lips touch those of their victims.

3. Soap Opera Kissers Soap Opera kisser's pull their prey to their lips dramatically. They mush their lips against their victims, tilt their head from side to side, and moan. Soap Opera Kisser means well, but tries too hard (and watches too much TV).

4. Vampire Kissers Vampire kissers like to bite—lips, tongue, neck, whatever. Turn on the lights & grab the garlic!

5. Sloppy Joe Kissers Is Sloppy Joe kisser's overuse of saliva due to medical issues or ignorance? Wipe your face and run.

6. Vacuum Kissers Vacuum Kissers suck! Literally. They're more interested in leaving their mark than any else and need to add more tricks to their bag.

lmao. these are all true. if you apply, you better start practicing. lol =)

p.s. - join hott_sexy

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i'm a promotion whoooore =D [04 Aug 2004|03:52am]
[ mood | mischievous ]

since me and allie are promotion whores... join our community, dammit! lol =)

title or description

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to be worthy, to feel beautiful in this skin [31 Jul 2004|10:19pm]
[ mood | excited ]

woo i have like a ton to write so this is probably gonna be long but i'll skip over some details to try and shorten it up a bit.

thursday i went to allie's, we went to the movies and saw a cinderella story, i absolutely LOVED it. it was so cute and sweet and i just loved it, but the fact that they talked online and fell in love just made me think of eddie which was kind of sad, lol. i miss him, hes been in myrtle beach for baseball having a kickass time but i miss him. lol ahh well, then we went back to allies to grab our blockbuster card because we wanted to rent the bride of chucky. ray threw this huge fake spider down the stairs that scared the SHIT out of me and allie. lol then we went to blockbuster, i bought a guy thing and we rented bride of chucky. we were bored so we were eating tacos and watching the democratic convention on TV, and then all of a sudden at the end the producer, obviously not knowing he was on national tv at the time, said "what the hell, what the fuck is going on up there?" not censored or anything, because the damn balloons and shit wasnt falling. lmao its so funny and me and allie couldnt believe they said that on tv that was on like EVERY channel at something like the democratic convention where EVERYONE watches it, old people, and parents tell their kids, "oh this is something good and educational to watch... and then a guy says in plain english "what the FUCK is going on up there" lmao anyway then we watched bride of chucky. i loved it, but i got sad again cause john ritter is in it and i love him and im so sad that he died.. =(

anyway this is the highlight of the night.. we came out of blockbuster so me allie n ray are walking back to the car, and on the window of my door i see a grasshopper. now me and allie HATE HATE HATE bugs and are PETRIFIED of them but we like butterflies and grasshoppers because theyre not black i guess so theyre not that scary or gross. so allie and i are marveling at how cute it is. so i get in the car and i closed the door but it didnt completely close, so i went to open it again for ONE SECOND to reclose it, and i just see really fast the grasshopper jump in on me the split second i opened the door, so i FREAKED and jumped out of the car screaming and the next you know it jumps over the seat on the other side of the car to allie and shes out of the car screaming. lmao it was so funny, were just standing in the middle of the parking lot at like 10:00 at night screaming, and ray is laughing his ASS off at us, and then like two seconds later me and allie burst out laughing. it was so damn funny. then we pull up at 711 cuz i wanted a slurpee and rays like "LOOK THERES THE GRASSHOPPER!" and the damn thing is on the windshield. lmao so yeah we had an eventful night.

i slept over allie's again friday night, this time we watched eurotrip which was fucking hilarious. god that shit was funny. some ass [ it sounded like a middle aged woman ] called allies cell at like 12:00 with the wrong number, and then called again saturday morning at fuckin 7:45, no that doesnt work for me.. EVER.. lol it woke me up and all they did was say "oh sorry, wrong number" when i picked up. i went home at like 2:30, showered and went to my grandparents for my moms birthday, my mom was in a bad mood and yelled at us for the first half but at the end it got funny because they were all being so damn hilarious, we watched robbie kenevel jump over a bunch of huge planes on a motorcycle on tv, which was really awesome. and my dad kept trying to do some quarter trick, he did it a few times but the rest of the times they dropped on the floor and went EVERYWHERE. it was funny, and then we watched these tapes of some old TV show that my grandfather had, laughed my ass off. it was so stupid and funny i was practically crying. anyway tomorrows my sisters bday party, the farrells and jones are coming too which is gonna be CRAZY. so im lookin forward to that.. im sure youll get a big description on that tomorrow cause its gonna be nuts! night all <3

i love you [ * * * * * ]

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sexy and proud [29 Jul 2004|05:17pm]
[ mood | sexy ]

sexy and proudCollapse )

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happy birthday mommy [28 Jul 2004|10:49pm]
[ mood | sad ]

today was my madre's birthday, so we went to the mall at like 1:30 and i got two belts and a pink thong with a lil monkey on it at aeropostale, chicken soup for the teenage soul on love & friendship at the bookstore, and the coheed & cambria cd at fye. then we just did nothing until like 6:00 we went out to eat at this place called marisa's in trumbull, i've been there once before with the jones, but i liked it. they had really really good salad, and i'm a big salad person so i loved that, lol and then i got this yummy peanut butter pie for dessert, it was SO good. by then i was so damn stuffed and so was everyone else, and then we came home and my parents went out to go to the bar at alculpocos

no comment on love.

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quizzes! [28 Jul 2004|12:05pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

i took a bunch of those quiz thingies, i think they're funny, interesting, cute, some even true =) im putting them under an lj-cut so they dont take up a lot of space in my journal, but you should look at them! ;D <3

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[28 Jul 2004|11:54am]
[ mood | chipper ]

yesterday i went to the green with allie, john & kev, the guys got coffee at dunkin donuts and they bought me two chocolate covered donuts, i could eat 28255 of them =P yummy. i got a cherry slurpee at 711. then we went to brooks, big mistake, i got a magazine but john and kev got these little pellet guns and kept shooting me, and i was kind of aggravated already so i just walked away and i walked the whole way home about 10 feet ahead of them, and i was gonna go back to my house but they all followed me and after a bunch of "come ON, LT" 's lol i went. we just sat around and i cheered up pretty soon, allie had to go home for dinner but me and kev stayed and we all had pizza, then allie came back and we spent the rest of the night on john's application to a rating community, he better get in, and john if you do, you owe it all to me & allie! =D john's leaving for rhode island tomorrow until sunday, the three of us will miss him oh so dearly. =)

today's my mommy's birthday, so i'm going to the mall now, i'll see if she'll get me a CD, i want two, but i doubt thats going to happen, haha. later on i'm goin out to dinenr at this italian place, marisa's, i went there once before with my family and the jones's and i liked it, but i dont really remember if i liked the food or just the hilarious jokes and stories mr jones was telling.. lol =D

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quizzes! [28 Jul 2004|11:51am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Your love is... by ChibiMarronchan
Your name is...
Your kiss is...breath taking
Your hugs are...to die for
Your eyes...light up a day
Your touch is...heart warming
Your smell is...exotic
Your smile is...amazing
Your love is...unique
Quiz created with MemeGen!

A feel good quiz by cerulean_dreams
your name is...
your eyesare two drowning pools
your hairis envied by many
your smilemakes everyones day
your bodygets a lot of attention
your hugsmake others feel safe
your kissis forbidden
your loveis never wasted
Quiz created with MemeGen!
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[24 Jul 2004|09:58pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

i went to the green with john & kev about 12:45, we went to super duper weenie and i just got fries n they got hot dogs, and i gota cherry slurpee at 711, we sat n ate that n then it started raining so we started walkin home in the pourin rain and then it stopped when we were halfway there, "a passover" haha john, then they came over n we sat outside for like 5 min till my grandma came home, then i made them sit and watch me play toystory2. muahaha. we watched thirteen and i had burger king. we made fun of john and he just left and me n kev made fun of people in the yearbook n then kev left to find john and idk where they are now but im bored, i gotta get up early again tomorrow and go to st theresas in trumbull for community service hours for confirmation. p.s. guys suck.

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[24 Jul 2004|10:15am]
[ mood | exhausted ]

yesterday i was supposed to hang with allie john n kev, but kev said john couldnt do anything and then went away.. and allie said she was goin to the mall, so i made plans to go to melissas.. and kev got all mad at me, but idk why. so i went to melissa's, we listened to music and talked about stuff. we started watching i am sam, but then we ended up watching videos of her old bday parties. we couldnt find the 5th grade one, where i danced to "crazy" by britney spears in leather pants with my shirt tied up.. lmao. darn i wanted to see it. then we ate dinner & listened to the ashlee simpson cd. her puppy is so cute, he kept biting me though. he bit my ass once, lol. then i came home at like 7:30, packed and went to allie's with john. we watched cabin fever... that movie sucks, all three of us HATE it, its ALLLLL gross disgusting blood. the people get sick and then basically bleed all over the place. they shoulda just called the movie "blood bath" or something. ick.. then we started watching 28 Days Later, but i ended up online talking to jonny for the last time for a week before he goes away to wildwood.. lucky shit. oh well he better have fun for me cause im jealous. then we just chilled and watched the sweetest thing, then went to bed.. my mom called at 9:30 *AHH* to wake me up and come get me, torture, because they were leaving at 10 for new hampshire for the weekend. so now we're home alone all day with nothin to do, i might have people over later tonight when my grandma gets here but idk. ooooooooo ya. well im going cause im half asleep <3

lol, something reallly random.. when a guy kisses a girls neck thats a killer it feels really good but only if you do ir right, like dont lick or slobber. if i wanted my neck slobbered on, i'd have my dog do it. lol just something that might be useful ;D

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[22 Jul 2004|11:05pm]
[ mood | horny ]

today i just chilled and did nothing, my parents went out and i had to watch my sister and her friend so i couldnt do anything, then after dinner i had allie john & kevo over, we hung out, i made them try the straight up unsweetened cherry koolaid powder which is grossly sour, allie and kev found it nasty but john ate practically the whole package.. and then he had a stomachache, duhhh john. idk how he managed to eat so much, its disgusting. then we got the brilliant idea to put the unsweetened powder in a glass with water, without adding sugar.. it was better than the powder alone but still gorss, but allie liked it and drank it all. then i finally beat the part in toystory2 i wanted to beat, after watching allie john and kev fail miserably at attempting it. it was quite amusing. then we went in my room and played mario party 3, i won.. ooh yes how kickass. i beat allie. amazing. lol then we just layed around and listened to music until they left. then i talked to my dearest love tyler who kind of got me going.. lol *blushes* =D tomorrow i plan on getting up early and hanging out with john kev n allie for the whole day. yippy skippy ;D

download "to fall in love again" by jessica simpson or ask me to send it to you, it's a really pretty love song. hehe
or "a toast to men" by willa ford, the other name for the song is "fuck the men" haha self-explanatory. ;)

<3 laur

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[21 Jul 2004|11:49am]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

today i went to john's with allie & kevo.. we made cherry koolaid slushes which were really good but we stained the counter, and john thought it was sooo funny watching his mom try and get it off. lol then we just chilled, we ate dinner which was good, we got in a huge argument about weight at the dinner table, lol and they called me a porker for eating a lot of salad, but it was barely ANY lol. and then during dinner his parents told us all these embarassing things about john and had us all laughing our asses off. lol great stuff. then we hung out, we were gonna watch peter pan but we ended up going to dairy queen. so tonight was fun.. now im home.

i think i love tyler, but he confuses me sometimes. i dont know what he really wants.. i know what i want but we already screwed up the chance of a relationship so i dont know whats gonna happen now. i guess i just have to think about it. but i really care about him, a lot. and he honestly still has my heart...

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[20 Jul 2004|09:40pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

last niight i slept over allies, john n kev were there.. we watched american pie 2.. funny ass movie lol and we took a lot of retarded pictures ((http://www.fotki.com/sweetness2o85)). then me n allie stayed up bein hyper n eatin a lot of shit, taken CRAZYYY ass pics lol the comp froze and like would NOT start up again we restarted it 2892484 times and it wouldnt work. so we got pissed and started to watch cabin fever, *oooooo faced lmao allie* but we got too tired n fell asleep.

then this morning we wanted to go to the beach.. we picked up johnjohn sort of early and went to walgreens for suntan lotion, then burger king and ate there *one fry at a time lol john* then went to short beach. it was fun the water was cold, me n john went in and then threw allie in, haha. we layed in the sun and i got somwhat tan but john kept throwing sand and rocks at me, you suck j. lol then we went back to allies, and her dad dropped us off at the mall.. i got the ashlee simpson cd, a bunch of stuff at victoria's secret, a bracelet at icing and underwear at aeropostale. lol john thanks for drinking MY dr pepper. allies mom picked us up and brought us home and now im here talking to eddie james. =D i loveeee him hes still my most awesome eddie and i missed talking to you my love. have fun when you leave me for myrtle beach. <3

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saturday/sunday [18 Jul 2004|06:36pm]
[ mood | bored ]

after michelleo left saturday i just chilled n then i was being kind of mean to tyler but then somehow he ended up saying i could come for awhile, so my parents brought me there and we just chilled, he was being so mean to me and he kept pushin me and stickin his tongue out lol but then he was nice so we watched south park the movie.. that and jackass is "our movies" but i just watched jackass the night before so i didnt wanna watch again. then i went and home and slept went to church by myself at 12:15, then went to my grandparents for my moms bday party which was BO-RiNG.. i tried to play tennis baseball with my sis but she was a pain so then i called john and talked to him and kev from my cell phone, then i ate dinner, watched the mets game, slept, and watched newlyweds. hah boredom. <3 oh yeah if you want my new sn and my friends only journal.. let me know x0x

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friday [17 Jul 2004|06:16pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

woohoo i havent updated in awhile. yeah me n tyler broke up but were like the same as we were before.. idk its kind of weird but oh well.

friday night michelleo slept over. we watched spice world, woohoo, and we were singing and dancing to everything. haha, then we made BROWNIES. the jones were over and they were all outside on the deck until like 11:30 getting drunk lol, and mr jones was making fun of me because i kept insisting that 1/4 and a quarter weren't the same thing.. but i meant 1/3.. lol idk. the brownies were reallly good anyway, me and michelle ate all but like 4. we watched the third chuckie movie.. childs play 3. its my fave of all the child's plays.. the first two are good but i like the third the best. then we watched jackass the movie because michelle had never seen it. we slept till like 1:00 n then just chilled, i kept singing my boy lollipop because it was stuck in my head. lol good times mi amor <3 next time its bride of chuckie, then selena.. for some reason im really tired, even though we went to bed at 12:30 and woke up at like 1:15...* yawn* x0x

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[13 Jul 2004|06:19pm]
[ mood | sad ]

i'm in way over my head. i slept over allie's, we tried to watch home run derby but it got so majorly boring. so we watched the ring. scares me still. lol and i talked to mike n jonny who were together somewhere idk where.

before that i had talked to jonny for like three hours. it was the first time we really talked in a long time, and we talked about pretty much everything. it was good for both of us i think because we got a lot of stuff out that we needed to get out. so thank you jonny. hope everything works out for you!!

im like going out of my mind because of this whole thing with tyler. idk what happened but he got like mad at me and i still dont know why, and everytime i try to talk it out with him he gets all pissy and is like.. w.e.. idc.. and stuff and then he gets mad at me saying i dont luv him and shit. well im done talking to him until he just decides how he feels. i wanna be with him if he decides he wants to be with me. im not gonna chase after someone who doesnt care. so i told him i love him and if he wants to take it from there, he will. otherwise idk but its hurting me way too much to sit around all day thinking about him and whats gonna happen when all that happens is we fight. I DONT WANNA FIGHT WITH HIM AND I NEVER DID. i just want it to be like it used to when we would talk on the phone all night about everything and were just happy. even if i cant see him as much as id like i dont care. he was always there for me and it was what made me so happy. and idk what happened. i hope it works out but i cant let it get to me anymore, i cant cry anymore. all i can do is tell him how i feel and see what he does, and if he cares or not.

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[11 Jul 2004|03:36pm]
[ mood | blank ]

torturing yourself is great right? i stayed up until 4:30 last night/this morning, wutever you wanna call it, playing "unbreak my heart" by toni braxton on repeat and just laying there in bed crying. i just layed there in the dark and cried my eyes out for like 3 hours. great isnt it? =)

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[10 Jul 2004|02:44pm]
[ mood | nervous ]

woohoo. last night i went to the stratford tsunami game at wigwam, which was fun. i spent like the whole time on the phone with tyler but its all good. i saw all my softball buddies n watched them play. they lost but theyre still a really good team. im def goin to more games! then michelllllleeoo brought me by my house to get my shizzle to sleepover n then back to her house. we hung out n then at 9:30 went to the movies to see white chicks, it was fuckin hilarious lol funny as hell. i loved it. me n tyler got in some sort of fight only i dont know what its over.. he just got mad at me but i wssnt even really talking to him.. ahh. he called my cell like as soon as me n michelle got outside but it was really quick he just told me not to worry about anything n to calm down. yeahhh =\ so we went back to michelles and chilled and i ate two ice cream sandwiches and dani deragopian called me for a few to fill me in on stuff, and then me n michelle watched the first chuckie movie, i dont even think its scary. the ring scared me a lot more. but well still see the new chuckie one in october or whenever it comes out. we finnnally went to bed at like 330 we woke up at like 11:45 the next morning n watched the 2nd chuckie and then we made cinnamon buns which were very yummy. now my familys in a fight because everyone *except my dad* is all irriated at my greatgrandma whose staying here for three weeks but ill write about that later today when i have more time because i have to shower for church, my dad n grandma are out but my sis is arguing that she doesnt wanna take a shower first so now my moms all pissed off.. and now im pissed because i said i was getting in at 3, so my mom told jen to get in at like 2:30 n she wouldnt so now its like 2:57 and she fucking gets in.. omg im gonna kill her. damnnnn. =D im realll tired. i dont wanna go to church though, boring. this week i really wanna hang out with erica, i havent seen her since school got out n i really wanna... so i hope we get together, maybe go to the mall. thong shopping!!!!!!! hell yeah lol ricaricaaa <3 im out to go kill my sister, im nervous about tyler, i hope everythings okay. hes in LI for a baseball tournament so i hope he comes home n isnt mad at me..

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[06 Jul 2004|11:53pm]
[ mood | loved ]


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[03 Jul 2004|10:16pm]
[ mood | bored ]

yesterday morning my mom woke me up at 7:00, and i had to shower n be ready by 8:30. torture! lol we went to 711 and i got a coke slurpee. then she brought me to her work, which is in ryder's landing, this complex thing with a bunch of stuff. so i just sat around, i went online on my mom's laptop but no one was on because no one gets up that early in the summer. so i just read part of my book which i actually like because its an adult book and its kind of sexual lol. ;D hey it isnt totally boring. so i did that to pass time, then at 9:30 i went downstairs to jade salon and got my eyebrows waxed. i like them, they look really nice now. theyre perfect, i have an obsession with people having perfect eyebrows, so now i wont pick myself apart so bad when i look in the mirror. then i went back upstairs to my moms office n we talked for awhile and then she left to bring my sis to her friends house and i went to the dentist down the hall. i watched andy roddick play tennis on the tv there, damn he is soo hot lol. he kicked the other guy's ass unmercifully. i felt bad for him, it was awful. he got ran straight into the ground, lol. yeah the lady took all these xrays of my mouth which hurt like hell, the film like digs into to side of my mouth. the only good part was the fluoride, because i picked the apple cinnamon flavor and i love apple cinnamon. =D blah so after that i went home and just chilled.

at like 6:45 allie johnjohn & kevo came over. we went in my nice cool air conditioned room and played mario tennis, it was me n allie against john and kev, and we got killed only because john is like so good at it. then we started playing marioparty 3, we got to like the 5th turn and then we smelled burning n the smoke detector was going off, i guess my mom n sis were baking choc chip cookies and forgot about them and they burned like BIG TIME. john n kev wanted some so we went downstairs, the smell was so strong it was like intoxicating. lol so they ate those and i ate some leftover cookie dough. we went back upstairs and never got back into the game, they were trying to read all my old diaries that they found in my bookcase and i was trying to get them away. we ended up watching beauty and the beast, i love that movie so much! there was this one part where the beast tells cogsworth *the clock* that he let belle go, and therefore the spell wouldnt be broken and cogsworth goes.. "how could you DO-DAT?" and then the beast says, i had to, and cogsworth goes "b-b-b-b-b-b-ut hhhhhhhhhhhwhy" lmao like majorly accenting the "hhhhh" before why and he made this hilarious face n did thise weird thing with his arms, and we were all laughing our asses of, we rewound it and replayed it like 50 times and laughed even harder every time it was sooo damn hilarious. good times guys, i know well never forget that. im like, OBSESSED with chip, the little talking teacup. i love him, hes soo cute! =D anyways we all ended up making nicknames of the characters, i'm chip of course, allie is the featherduster babette, john is gaston, and kev is lumiere the candlestick. lol we all made screennames that have to do with it, lol. were such dorks. i love you guys, i had so much fun as always with you, i love you!!

today i slept until 12:30, then chilled. then i went out to eat with my mom, dad, sis, greatgrandma *whose here from florida* grandfather, uncle, and cousin ben whose 31 and fucking hilarious. we went to some place called the firehouse in sandy hook, the food was pretty good, i liked it. i had fun because my cousin is fucking hilarious, they were cracking dirty jokes and it was just so damn funny. then we went back to my grandfathers and they fished for like a half hour and then we went home. i called johns cell and talked to john n kev for like an hour. woohoo.

my other greatgrandma who lives in stratford is in the hospital.. shes had alzheimers for awhile now, and she was living with my grandparents and they were taking care of her even though it was hard. well i guess things got REALLY bad lately, because shes in the hospital and my grandma said they cant take care of her anymore so shes not coming back home, theyre looking for a nursing home for her. so shes probably going to pass away soon, and then my whole family will be a wreck. *sigh*

im so damn bored, everyoens at the fireworks n im home doing nothing. im gonna go make food or suttin to pass time. i miss tyler so very much. =( he is my lover!

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[01 Jul 2004|09:51pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

i miss anosnia. thats where i lived since i was born until i was 5.. i miss it so much i love it, better than stratford. i wish i could move back there. it's more citylike than stratford. i hate space, i like packed together houses, condos, apartments, pizza places & mcdonalds and stores all downtown.. i remember walkin to mcdonalds with my grandfather & once ronald mcdonald was there and i remember crying cuz im scared of clowns... now id give anything to go back to ansonia and those condos even seein ronald mcdonald :'(

i hate stratford. its boring and the people are such backstabbers. no one really always has your back, everyones gonna hurt you at one point or another. and flood should be a soap opera, its dramatic enough with all the gossip and drama and rumors and fights and lies.. i wish everyone could get along, stop being fake. id rather know someone bitchy and nasty being real than someone bitchy and nasty underneath acting sweet and nice.. i hate fake people. let people love or hate you for who you really are inside. stop pretending people. let everyone know who you are. and its sad how nice people are forced to get nasty. i know inside im really sweet and understanding, someone who wants to get along with everyone. but in flood thats not possible, and im forced to be bitchy and stand up for myself or ill get walked all over. people just dont see it. everyone needs a major reality check.

and "sweetheart" fake is NOT defined by someone being nice to you one day and then not talking for a while, its a two way street so if you expect people to make that effort, you need to as well. and ill say this, "i am only this way because of what you have made me" think about it. before you tell me to grow up, why dont YOU grow up, cause your not all that and a slice of bread either. you act immature too, you have feelings, you defend yourself, you react certain ways to certain things, you get pissed, you say hurtful things.so dont act like your superhuman and you dont do these things too, because everyone knows that you do. so cut other people some fucking slack.

goddamnit people just leave me alone. thats all i want. if im forced to sit in this shithole town, just leave me the hell alone.

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[27 Jun 2004|05:30pm]
[ mood | loved ]

so i*ll fill you in on the last few days! =D

thursday; last day of school, self explanatory? yearbook signing, picture taking, lots of crying. went home, went to hilltop with john mike and allie, got dr pepper and hot cheese popcorn.. chilled. it didnt hit any of us that it was the last day . that we had just walked off the bus that we had sat together on everyday for two years and laughed and talked and did homework and crushed soda cans and ate poptarts and mini muffins and got mad and cried and faught and everything on.. for the last time. so i went home, and then john and kev came over. we sat around on my front porch talking, kev brought me another dr pepper and knocked it over allllll in my lap on my skirt. lol so i had to change.. damn you kev!
then my mom brought me to john kev and tttylers game at second hill, i sat with mrs sheehan and the oneils.. i hung out with tara for a little while. the sheehans/oneils and i were all STARVING so mrs sheehan went home n got a bag of fritos and pigggged out. lol the game was soooo long, tyler hit a homerun and pitched pretty well. it finally got over so i gave tyler his little hug and then mrs sheehan took me john and johns brother to mcdonalds, all i got was fries and a coke. we went back to johns and ate and talked to his mom for awhile, and waited for kev to get there, then allie came over and we all just chilled till 1130 and i went to allies and slept over.

Friday; had to leave allies at 9.. she had some basketball thing. so i went home, at like 12 john and kev came here and we walked to the green. we got ice cream at baskin robbins, and then wiffle balls at 711 and i got a coke slurpee. i begged them to walk with me to tylers because he lives right around there, so we did and we saw they were in jimmy gleasons back yard playing volleyball. so john and kev ran to get in the game and i watched with tara.. it was me, tyler, john, kev, tara, jimmy, matt normandin, two of his bros, and some other girl i didnt know. then we went in the pool and i wore taras extra small bikini lol.. we played chicken and just splashed around. my tyler couldnt go in cuz he has swimmers ear :'( then they played volleyball again and i played too, tyler and john were nastttty. i left my hair tie on the deck and tyler picked it up and put it on his wrist.. and then he threw the string from his pants on my neck, lol i still have it! the gleasons had to leave so me tyler john kev went next door to the normandins because they made strawberry daquiris.. damn they were SOOOOO good lol. we were too lazy to walk home cuz its a looong walk so we called mrs oneil and she picked us up by the bank on the cornor of main street.. then i walked back to my house from johns.

at like 8:00.. john came and picked me up and we went back to his house with kev, there was this huge party for his bros baseball team and their families with a lot of food and a LOT of alcohol.. lol. matt basso was there, we watched some of toy story 2 and then we ended up going online and making fun of people, it was so funny. the only really funny one, the person didnt say anything back, but the stuff matt n kev were saying was just so damn funny i was practically in tears. i contributed a little, but kev typed everything lol. funny shit! then i went home and talked to tyler till midnight online, then he called me until like 1:00.. he said he had my hair tie on his wrist and he wasnt gonna take it off ever lol.. then i went to sleeeep

Saturday; i slept till 12:30, got ready realllly fast from oversleeping and went to bunnell for tyler's game.. he didnt do bad, and he had my hair tie on lol i didnt think he would but he did. then i had to go to my cousins picnic for her new house/her husbands bday... soooo boring. my mom brought me home early and then i went to johns with allie, kev was supoosed to go and we were gonna play tennis but he got in trouble for "treating his mom like garbage and being obnoxious" so we ended up playing wiffle ball, allie wouldnt play so it was me and johns brother brandon against john. we lost lol. there was this annoying woodpecker outside, driving me CRAZY lol. we were gonna watch a bug lifes but we ended up eating ice cream cake and talking with johns mom and we stalled thanks JOHN so we didnt watch it, we just sat around on the comp downloading music and taking turns picking songs. i went home at like 10:00 and then got in a huge fight with tyler, but hes so sweet n i love him so we worked it out, and then he called me and we talked until like 1:30. im gonna miss him so much!

Sunday;went to church at 9:45. i saw tyler, yay. then i went to his championship at bunnell at 1, they lost and tyler didnt do that good but im still proud of him! haha he had my hair tie on still, tara said he wont take it off cuz i hung out with her for the whole game. i was for tylers team even though i felt bad cuz my cousin is on the team they played (the braves) but oh well lol. i sat with tara, her mommy, and tylers mommy and tylers mom was talkin about cancun the whole time lol. i wanan go! ill miss tyler but i know hell have an awesome time, so that makes me happy. now im just chillen for the day.. tomorrow my great grandmother comes down from florida, shes staying with us for three weeks, which means she will probably end up meeting tyler hehe..


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[20 Jun 2004|11:56am]
i say, i say, i say.... GUYS SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!
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[15 Jun 2004|06:43pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

i filled this out in the beginning of this journal.. may 22nd, before me and jonny got back together.. a lot of my answers are different so i thought why not fill it out again. <3 |[ i posted it under "read more..." *click it* ]|*

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[15 Jun 2004|06:02pm]
[ mood | hot ]

today we went to holiday hill.. i really didnt wanna go, i thought i would be boring. i wore my bathing suit, a white tank top, orange shorts and orange flip flops. on the bus on the way i sat with nykole and i called tyler's cell and i think i woke him up cause it was like 830 and he sounded half asleep but he said i didnt. lol oh well we talked for all of two minutes, then we finalllly got to holiday hill. we jst walked around for awhile.. i did NOT expect to go swimming, but mike and kevo made me, so i did. then later on i actually wanted to go back in the pool. i didnt even have a towel cause i wasnt gonna go swimming, but the water was nice.

the first hour or so i stayed with nykole and libby, then i hung out with allie, john, kev, mike, and luke for awhile, then it was me john kev n allie. we played badmintion, me and john kicked kev and allies butts lol it was fun. it was so damn hot out... i layed out in the sun for awhile, and i got really bad sunburn, but as long as its color im happy. itll turn tan really soon so im all happy. at lunch all i had was this nasty hot dog and sprite, and we all sat around.. i talked to tyler again then and john and kev both talked to him too, he said that someone broke into his neighbors house or something.. i could barely hear him so ill find out about that later on. john kev allie and i tired to go out in a row boat, but kev cant row for shit so it was lame and we went in cicrles so many times i was dizzy. kev, you BEGGED us to go out in the boat and then you were too lazy to row, im never going in a boat with you again lol. i basically slept on the bus on the way home, i was so overheated from the sun and the bus was so damn HOT.

the whole day was really fun, but i missed jonny. i wouldve stayed at flood if i could have spent the day with him, honestly. i had so much fun though, there were tonnnns of guys but no one compared to jonny. i love him so much, i really could not want anyone else. all the little couples holding hands made me so jealous, but i know im really lucky to have him and i hope everything really works and lasts. i love you, jonny. =)

i;m so hot and exhausted, i'm going to take a cooooold shower and put some relief spray on my burns and take a nap. <3

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[12 Jun 2004|09:06pm]
[ mood | moody ]

friday - i was scared of failing my algebra final. john helped me A LOT on the bus in the morning, so i did fine. it was actually easy. the teacher makes up work so much harder than the final. the review packet/study guide and all her regular stuff is so much harder. so it was easy and i feel that i did good, but i know she makes the work so much harder than it needs to be and so i do badly on all her tests. oh well. the rest of the day was boring, but i found my algebra book at home so now i dont have to pay somewhat near $50. i wouldve been soo grounded.

5:45 i had softball game against the yankees at stratford high, we lost 1-2. it was a good game but i did really bad and struck out both times i got to bat. tyler and john came to watch, i talked to them for a little. then i went to allies. when i got there her mom said her and meghan went out walking, so i changed out of my uniform into jeans, a tanktop, and flipflops and walked out. i found them and we went to wooster and just sat on the seesaws. and then kev called my cell from the payphone at hilltop saying he got in a fight with his parents and left.. so me allie n meg walked around then went back to wooster and found kev and john on the swings.. by now it was like 9:00 and dark and buggy. but we just sat around and i swung on the swings lol john was pushing me and trying to like flip me over the top. then we went back home and chilled, acted really dumb, blasted music. our new favorite song: we like to party by the vengaboys. we must have played it about 50 times that night. went to bed, slept till 12. got burger king, listened to we like to party about 20 more times lol. and of course we listened to ATREYU since all three of us love them. they are awesome. their new cd, the curse, comes out june 29th =D

saturday - came home, chilled... talked to people, took a shower. listened to "im just a kid" that tyler sent me.. me and my mom went to the mall, i got a DR PEPPER lol john and then we went to FYE and i bought suicide notes and butterfly kisses |[atreyu cd]* and i got four pairs of flipflops at old navy. then i went to icing and got half of allies bday gift and a ring for me.. i got like 4 books at the bookstore.. get summer reading out of the way..and my mom got some book too. then we went to hot topic but i didnt get anything, i wanted an atreyu patch or something but they didnt have any so i guess ill have to order it online. i wanted to get my third hole pierced in my ear but my moms making me wait until after softball playoffs are over. so then ill go get that done, yay.

allie, you are my 'fcuk'ing idol, i love you lol =D

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[10 Jun 2004|07:34pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

do me a favor, fill this out for me? comment and leave your answers, even if you dont have a username you can leave it anonymous n just put your name. thanks sweethearts ;D

Who are you?
Are we friends?
When and how did we meet?
What do you think of me?

Do you love me?
Did you ever have a crush on me?
Would you kiss me?
Would you hug me?
Physically, what stands out?
Emotionally, what stands out?
Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it.
Am I loveable?
Describe me in one word.
What was your first impression?
Do you still think that way about me now?
What do you think my weakness is?
What makes me happy?
What makes me sad?
What reminds you of me?
If you could give me anything what would it be?
How well do you know me?
Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't?
Do you think I could kill someone?
Do you think our friendship is getting stronger/weaker/or staying the same?
Do you feel that you could talk to me about anything and I would listen?

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[07 Jun 2004|08:29pm]
[ mood | hot ]

age; 14
birth date; December 20
sign; sagittarius
eyes: brown
hair: light brown.. blonde highlights
pets: doggy
bf/gf: jonny =D

'' favorites ''
bands: no doubt
music genre: rap r&b pop some rock
crayon: orange
cereal: count chocula & cap'n crunch
jolly rancher flavor: cherry
color m & m: red
hangout: allies
day: saturday
month: july
season: summer
shoes: idk
restaurants: dakota, tgif, ruby tuesday
cars: mustang gt convertible
kitchen appliance: fridge
color of lava lamp: orange
person to talk to online: jonny
person to talk to on the phone: jonny

|this or that|
boxers or briefs? Boxers
plaid or striped? Plaid
alt or rap? rap
ska or punk? neither
classical or country? country
salt or pepper? Salt
coke or pepsi? coke
dr. pepper or mr. pibb? dr pepper
Sprite or 7-up? 7-up
skittles-original, tropical, or wildberry? orignal
m & m's-regular, peanut, peanut-butter, or almond? regular
bleh or blah? blah
okay, ok, or o.k.? okay
shake or stir? shake
bright colors or dark colors: bright
snap, crackle, or pop? pop
half-empty or half-full: half full
sunshine or rain? sunshine
sun or moon? sun
silver or gold? Silver
frogs or toads? Frogs

:: short answer ::
left handed or right handed? right
are you smart? sure
whats your middle name? marie
how many personalities do you have? probably two
how many piercings do you have? 5
tattoos? i wish
do you read your horoscope? sometimes
do you believe in that stuff? not really
can you do a cartwheel? sort of lol
can you drive? no
do you keep a journal? yes
what languages do you know? english .. spanish .. sorta?
do you like cotton candy? sometimes
do you like pina coladas? and gettin caught in the rain.. lol sorry yes of course yummy
what do you sleep in? either pajamas pants and a tanktop or a tshirt and underwear
how many times have you moved houses? once
is your room messy? yes
do you like your handwriting? sometimes
do you like to fingerpaint? no lol
do you sleep with a stuffed animal(s)? yup lol
are you ticklish? yessss
did you go to preschool? yes
are you a morning person? hell no 11:00 is too early

"hard questions"
would you rather burn to death or freeze to death? freeze
would you eat a bowl of live crickets for $40,000? nope
if you had a band what would you name it? i wouldnt
where do you want to live? brentwood, long island =[
if you had to dye your hair right now, what color would you make it? blonde
if you had to get a body piercing right now where would it be? belly button
if you had to get a tattoo right now, what would it be? butterfly
Spell your name backwards: nerual
If you could have any animal for a pet, what would it be? um a moose lol idk
Ever been to Belgium? no lol
What's your favourite coin? quarter cuz its worth more lol

describe your..
Pillow cover: blue
Coffee cup: coffee sucks
Sunglasses: dont wear em
Shoes: dirty with a lot of writing on them
Favorite top: pink
Favorite pants: jeans that have *i heart tyler* permanently written on them unfortunately =(
Cologne/Perfume: "clinique- happy" for everyday, and "fcuk" when im with jonny hehe =D
CD in stereo right now: jessica simpson - irresistible
Wearing: jeans & posada shirt
Makeup: none =D

hair: ponytail
height: 5'2
thinking of: my jonny

last thing you...
bought: dr pepper at hilltop
read: cosmogirl

either / or
tea or coffee: neither
beer or cider: cider
cats or dogs: doggies
single or taken: taken =D
pen or pencil: pen
gloves or mittens: gloves
food or candy: food
cassette or cd: CD

want- to be with jonny right now
need- vinny b to talk to me
live to- be with jonny
make- soup
want to be- with jonny
you are: in love

-- Your heritage: italian, irish, french canadian
-- The shoes you wore: my black 3 1/2 inch heeled sandels heh
-- Your eyes: deep brown
-- Your weakness: jonny
-- One thing you'd like to achieve: stay with jonny

-----------------WHAT IS------------------
-- Your most overused phrase on aim: whats up
-- Your thoughts first waking up: i wanna go back to sleep
-- The first feature you notice in the opposite sex: eyes and lips
-- Your best physical feature: my stomach
-- Your bedtime: whenever i fall asleep
-- Your greatest accomplishment: idk
-- Your most missed memory: lindsay =(
-----------------YOU PREFER------------------
-- Pepsi or coke: coke
-- McDonald's or Burger King: Burger Kind
-- Single or group dates: single but group is awesome too
-- Adidas or Nike: adidas
-- Chocolate or vanilla: vanilla
-- Cappuccino or coffee: cappuccino

-----------------DO YOU------------------
-- Smoke: no
-- Cuss: yeah
-- Take a shower everyday: yeah
-- Have a crush(es): boyfriend
-- Who are they: jonny..
-- Do you think you've been in love? yes, twice... eddie and jonny but jonny is my one true love
-- Want to go to college: sure
-- Want to get married: yes
-- Type w/ your fingers on the right keys: nope lol
-- Believe in yourself: nope
-- Get motion sickness: sometimes yes
-- Think you're attractive: i dont think im butt ugly but def not good looking
-- Think you're a health freak: nope
-- Get along with your parents: usually
-- Like thunderstorms: they dont bother me
-- Play an instrument: nooo

------------DID/HAVE YOU--------------
-- Drank alcohol: yeah
-- Smoke(d): nope
-- Done a drug: nope
-- Made Out: yes
-- Go on a date: yes
-- Go to the mall: yeah
-- Eaten sushi: no
-- Been on stage: Yes
-- Been dumped: yes =(
-- Gone skating: yeah
-- Made homemade cookies: Yes
-- Been in love: yes
-- Dyed your hair: highlighted
-- Stolen anything: yeah :)

-----------------HAVE YOU EVER------------------
-- Flown on a plane: yes
-- Missed school because it was raining?: no... lol
-- Told a guy/girl that you liked them?: yeah
-- Cried during a Movie?: yeah
-- Ever thought an animated character was hot?: haha yeah lmao ash from pokemon
-- Had an imaginary friend: no
-- Been on stage? yeah
-- Cut your hair: yeah
-- Had crush on a teacher?: mr falcone lol
-- Played a game that required removal of clothing?: strip poker n mind you, i suck at poker
-- Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: lol allie john n kev were thereee
-- Been caught "doing something": no thank goddddd
-- Been called a tease: no?
-- Gotten beaten up?: nope
-- Been in a fight: physical-no
-- Shoplifted: not really no

-----------------THE FUTURE------------------
-- Age you hope to be married: 20's
-- Numbers and Names of Children: 1 boy - J.J. Redick lol
-- Descibe your Dream Wedding: perfect, late may, church, pink bridesmaids, pink flowers, and jonny.
-- How do you want to die?: in my sleep
-- What do you want to be when you grow up?: teacher or psycologyst
-- What country would you most like to visit?: greece

-----------------OPPOSITE SEX------------------
-- Best eye color: brown
-- Best hair color: brown
-- Short or long hair:short
-- Best height: taller than me but not too too tall
-- Best weight: not too heavy
-- Best first date location: anywhere jonny is is perfect for me!
-- Best first kiss location: idk i mean mine with my true love was on a hill at a football game lol

-- Shampoo: herbal essence
-- Fav Color: orange
-- Day/Night: night
-- Summer/Winter: Summer
-- Lace or Satin: Satin
-- Fave Cartoon Character: flik (a bugs life)& eeyore
-- Fave Food: french fries
-- Fave Movies: crossroads, the outsiders
-- Fave sport: baseball
-- Fave sports stars: jorge posada

---------------IN THE LAST 24 HRS------------------
-- Cried: yup
-- Worn jeans: yup
-- Met someone new online: nope
-- Done laundry: yeah
-- Drove a car: nahh
-- Talked on the phone: yeah

---------------DO YOU BELIEVE IN--------------
-- Yourself: sometimes
-- Your friends: a select few
-- Santa Claus: nope
-- Tooth Fairy: nope
-- Destiny/Fate: yes
-- Angels: yes
-- Ghosts: yes
-- UFO's: no
-- God: yes

--------FRIENDS AND LIFE------------------
-- Do you ever wish you had another name?: Chelsea or Christina
-- Do you like anyone?: jonny for the 18479242th time
-- Which one of your friends acts the most like you?: nykole
-- Who have you known the longest of your friends?: allie
-- Are you close to any family member? mom sometimes jen
-- When have you cried the most?: either when my family was a hell hole or when jonny and i broke up the last time
-- What's the best feeling in the world?: having someone you can always count on, be with, and love, and they love you too and never having to worry about them changing their mind or cheating on you
-- Worst Feeling?: knowing the person doesnt feel the same way
What time is it now?: 3:49

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